miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

I can say that you were the last kind of love that I have felt and the first kind of love that I had felt in a long time. It has been almost two years since the first time I saw you, and I can exactly say how everything started and what was exactly my feelings. How something was moving in my stomach didn´t allow me to breath.
And it had been a long long time that I didn´t feel a love at first sight so deeply hard since I was an innocent teenager who had the first feelings for someone.
I crossed at the stairs and my eyes were following you up until your figure was disappearance at the end of them, and I could say that my heart was beating so hardly as never before, and even we were not have any chatting yet I knew that you were someone special as special was that day thinking about when it was going to be the next time that I was going to see again and if we were going to have the opportunity to talk.
It was the washing machine who had the culprit of our first chatting, stupid but for me still intense. I still remember the clothes that you were wearing that day and the nervous I could feel it at that time. I needed to impress you in a five minutes conversation. There was something different and all of that, something that I could only call love, love as never I felt before. I wanted to be with you no matter what even I didn´t know you at all but I wanted you since the first time to be mine, to be yours.
I can remember the first day that we went out together, and it was crowdie around us but we couldn´t stop to look at each other, gaze each other, smiling all the time and I could feel that it wasn´t only me.
At the end everything were reduced just to something that we could feel but we never felt, something that could happen that never happened. Something that I would say he was my true love but we will never know.

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