domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Even when you have so many people around you and you know that they care about you and they love you, sometimes you still feeling alone. Pretending to be indestructible sometimes it is impossible. You can think that you are used to not have love around you, and I am not talking about the word, I am talking about what that word brings it. Touch, kisses, hugs, protection, home, safe… I could say that I am that independent person that can live alone, with my problems, my solutions. Focus on my goals, leaving other things a part. Important things that you cover many times with one I am ok, it is fine. But the true it is not fine, you can still lying at you, don’t talk about that, at the end if you just talk with yourself sometimes It is like things have not really happen. It is just between you and your mind. Days like these days that they are not grey days they are actually red, you can see how the red light is coming through the window and yes today the weather it is look like your soul. It is about to exploit but keeping calm however you cannot avoid think about life, future, important things. Being far away from people you really care and you know they are going to be there any time for you, those one that can move the world to make you feel happy and if they feel you are not, or you are sick, they can feel your sickness, your sadness and they can give you that hug or say don’t worry about it we are proud of you, we are here and we will always be, leave yourself more calm more in peace. So on you think maybe I am focus in something that it might not make me happy in the future or maybe yes, but I will always have in mind the time I could spend with my parents and sister and I did not. Because first of all it was me, and then well they will always be there. And might there will be a day I hope far away that they won´t. Will I probably regret for not spend happy lunch Sunday times in family? The answer it is absolutely yes, I will. I have dead surround me the majority of my life, I know the first thing you think when you lost that person, the word that you could say to them and you didn’t, the time that you could spend with them and you didn’t because there was always something better to do at that time, and maybe that plan wasn’t that funny. Maybe that could be the reason why I have that connection with my family because I know what it is lost one of the members and how to stand up all together all as one. Because even when I pretend to be like a giant they know that I am an ant. Focus on your goals, but never forget about people who are around you. They are the base of your house, if you don’t have the base everything you want to construct will collapse.

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