miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012

I met this gentleman the other day at work; I call him gentleman because he was. You will know why as soon I start talking about him. He was regular but I never had the chance to have a long conversation with him. So the other day while he was waiting for the business centre to be free, he sat with me in my desk. We started talking about basic things, what was he doing here, what kind of business, etc. Then he got to the point that he was waiting for the computer to be free to send an email to his family, kids and wife and he putted a big smile in his face I could say that even his eyes were shiny. During all this time I know him, he seemed to me a serious business man, maybe because of his moustache, kind of shy but really polite and thankful gentleman. Anyways all the conversation went to the point that he was married for 37 years and he was still in love as the beginning. And believe me when I say that all this words were totally true. His face, his eyes, his lips talked from him, and I could breathe a bit of that love that he was feeling. My parents are also married for so long and it is something that I admire so much. Furthermore he went through to how they met, what she does, where they live, what they have built together, 2 girls and one boy that he had, how they are building their life, about the grandchildren he has. And seriously for one moment I thought that maybe true love, love forever in some cases still alive in my parents and people like him… Working facing guest and man have showed me what is the value that a wife, a kid can have in their life, you are used to have these flirty married man trying to get something with you, or whoever is in the way and they do not mind if next time they are bringing their kids, their wife or the same god. They just want to have someone warming their beds or other areas of their body. Then another day, this gentleman came to me, and we were talking about their kids and he started talking about the youngest one, a girl, casually the same age like me and he was saying what exactly my father say:” She is a good girl, but she is not thinking about boyfriends, she is really picky, all guys have something wrong”. I said to him that I totally understand her and I laugh. He said “you know guys, times have changed so much, I got married with 22 and by 25 I was already father of two kids, and I am not regretting of nothing what I did, I am proud, it is the best choice that I made in my life, and now you guys you do not get married until the 30s and who knows when are you going to be parents, the values have change so much”. And I have this old woman who works with me around the 60s, who was saying that if her husband was still alive she would still sleeping with him and having sex of course. And it is true my parents get married when they were 21 and 25 and after two years they have two kids, they were working, responsible of two kids and paying their own house. And I am 25 and I do not have boyfriend, I do not have my own house and who knows when I am going to be mother. Boyfriend, marriage and kids produced me chills. I am not able to pay my expenses how I am going to pay someone else expenses. And boyfriend, I do not know if I am able to fall in love, to don’t put sense in everything and to allow me to love someone as I love myself and do not think I am weak. Yes, the times have changed, values are not the same, and work is in the first position. But sometimes I would love to believe in those people, who talk about how wonderful is a life together, how love cannot have expired date and that get old together is beautiful. Those people who make me thing that beside all my negative points what in a relationship I am referring, love is real, love exist and I would like to feel that I love someone that much that I do not have enough air.

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