lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Apparently yesterday was my 25th birthday, 25 years of life or what we call quarter century. I have so many things on my head, so many things to plan and change them. I am not anymore in my earliest 20th, I am nearly the 30th. I cannot waste my time and circling around. From now everything have consequences and all I get now I will have on my 30th. Certainly what I am most worry about it is my professional career, desire to grow up. From now I have one year to work in the field I like and work hard to develop it to get success. The number 25 make me think about that I am in this wonderful city, London for two years, when I arrived with my 22 years old, with nothing saying I have one month to find a job. All of these happen one 14th of September of 2010 and then few times later I was celebrating my 23 full of hope and desire to explore this city. Maybe personally I feel I have not change a lot and mostly when we talk in terms of the night out, being that uncontrolled crazy girl, although I have to say that I am setting my times to the English timings, and just few times I am going to bed after 3 in the morning. However, maybe I am lying a bit regarding personally changes. I think I am a bit colder and independent that I was before. I have learned that my twin soul is myself and that no one can understand me how I do myself .Long conversations with my subconscious trying to give both productivity and being my biggest supporter and my worst enemy. Sometimes we are hardest with ourselves than the rest of the world are. How cruel our mind can be sometimes. We still make the same mistakes than when we were 18, but now the pain goes fast or not. Or maybe you are so disappointed with some facts of the life that It won´t make any change on you.

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