lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Have you ever felt that you have so many things in common with someone and then when feelings are over it is look like you do not have anything else to talk about it? I think this is really common for the human being. We start to fancy someone and it is look like we do not have enough hours in a day to talk. You talk to him when you wake up, when you have breakfast when you are leaving your place, when you are going to work, when you have a break, when you are getting change, when you are going to take the bus, when you are at home…and if someone ask you what are you talking about during all day? Your answer is we have so many things to talk about it. And think, not even with your best friend who you talk with a lot have so many things to tell her. I have to say that with whatsupp everyone is update it every single second, there are no excuses to not write someone with the funniest thing that just it has happened to you. But continuing the theme, you text this guy very often, he texted you as well, you talk about everything, you plan things to do, you cannot wait to see him next time, he starts to be part of you or for that circle of friends that you talk to when you need some support. And I think maybe for woman it is easiest to have one man nearby as we feel that protection that it is what we are looking for. Protection, someone who look after us, someone strongest than us or at least that he looks like. Weakness we girls have enough. At the end, the person you more feel like to talk for a while. One day feelings start to get over and conversations are shorter, sometimes you talk with regret with anger, because you are realizing that things are getting to the end. You try to keep that friendship, but the truth is that is a bit complicated, the 1000 words you have to say before are now reduce to monosyllables and even you miss that long conversations until late in the night, you know that never it is going to be the same. Sometimes you waste your time building relationships, because at the end when the feelings are over you lost all the interest for those things you were interesting in the past.

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